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The presentation is called, do what we eat? Neurobiological perspective. For those interested in any case because they eat what we eat and why we eat most often what we need is a clock! He has invested are good 46 minutes. If someone asks, (I'm an optimist, lol), there are still, but was busy with other projects and our work, so we ’ t some time for the blog to write about lately. Discover now our new projects. Matt and I have a series of posts in the context of the great and powerful OZ (all links below) writes. You haven't written anything in a while, not El ’ t, to write about things. I think we're banging your head against the wall tired. In any case, which I think has a good contribution to medical science was built recently on Dr. OZ, after would recommend. CR + former participants were allowed to choose their own workout intensity and duration is appropriate for an appropriate number of calories burned. Center for breakfast, dinner and snacks have consumed on the day of the week looking, lunch meals and most weekend provided at home. This continued for a period of 10 weeks in the center of study and the subjects received dietary guidelines for their own. The food was of 15-30-55 PRO/CHO/fat. This design adds a metabolic study of space, where participants will be housed in a hospital and all monitors food intake and activity, the best ’ find in the literature of exercise and diet. All meals and snacks are strong increases the ability of the participants to respect the food. We know that people at the bottom of the report and therefore often underestimated their caloric intake is a very important control variable. (Hill, 2001)This applies to the exercise – exercise 3/5 sessions per week were checked and all others were recorded with a portable heart rate monitors. Rewarded! It is much better that the researchers say “ issues we would like to do x number of hours x intensity in your ” and then you pray ruin. «Pray cuz i – scientific researchers are almost all religious … results read more» we are a book runs down three customers. But from the very beginning. Seriously, there is no end to the amount of rubbish found in books and articles on the subject of weight control? For those of you who have read many of our posts, you know that Matt and I often spent a lot of energy, stressing, in particular, that some authors of books and articles have been used for large piles of horse manure. You asked very specific and dramatic for a number of things that are often a secret ” “, or little-known fact of “ ”, usually with no evidence in support of quality (see slow burn, skinny bitches and daughter close for examples). We feel obliged to point out this crap, because it is so obviously wrong and distracts people from things that really works. Not to mention often confused people leads to “ do not know exactly what ” or “ someone will find support for all ” instructions. To be clear, I'm not saying that people can ’ t make mistakes. There is no doubt that I and probably still will. However, a big difference between the occasional error or monitoring and transparent at the same time with shape and has used this post to the avalanche of flamboyant statements expressing willingness to support in a form clearly depicts a kind of authority and caused little or no proof of the claim, also known as spam.  The reason for this rant is my recent review of several books. I checked these books, because people ask me my opinion on this topic. As I have for these people and said to anyone who asks me about a book or an article; until I can give you an honest and me that hope of a clever response to your question, I need to read on. I was curious about these books for a number of reasons, so I decided to check out their. Before arriving in a couple of words on this subject, there are a few things to say. «Read more» is a phenomenon common to many people to lose weight, a weight loss plateau. You're pretty regularly for a few weeks or a few months and then you don't lose anything. It is already not to reduce the number on the scale. The first town you think very rationally, LOL, that scale is broken or someone has been blocked. After the rejection, there is usually some panic and confusion. All this mental and emotional confusion is really unnecessary, because because of platforms. and, the absence of weight loss, longer in the front and of course. Here are the magic super secret base; the person has not already caused no difference between the number of calories your body burns and many restaurants. This means that one less calories eating or exercise to burn more calories. I wish there was more, but it is the raspberry ketone 7 keto crux of the problem.  Because it is a common phenomenon and there are some stupid ideas from there, what happens, what I'll dive into some detail. As already mentioned, have to take off, you burn more calories than you eat. But as simple and true as it is, there are some important variables that determine how many calories your body burns. Not all variables to produce this influence on the suction side. Before entering the fascinating world of BMR, tee, COPD, and other acronyms that appear to have a strong affinity, it must properly debunk a common myth about weight loss plateau. The myth goes something like this; ’ “ want to know what's going on, but I have not lost weight over the past two weeks, although it has lost about 2 pounds a week for a couple of weeks ” response from a friend or expert ” “ (myth) is not “ down, because you eat enough (generally regarding the amount of calories that you eat) and often it is not enough to eat *. 6 times over the course of the day, must eat to capture through the tray (increase calories) more often ” this right is a general response, evil, evil, evil, it is impractical, illogical and; Well, you know. The following will show you why it is so. Continue reading,. .