Raspberry Ketone Best Brand

Reason for inclusion: 25 03 02 2015 slimming. 19.23 Reviewer: Attila, 25-34 women on equal less than rated current 1 month treatment efficiency (consumer): 4 easy to use the current note: current satisfaction 5 raspberry ketone best brand Note: comment 2: I have my fair share of the problems of the people, I, hot London Nutra-no order on your part, I had a free version of them for £ 3. 95 a few days later, as you said the credit balance on my account, deny my Bank and managed get them deleted email got a full refund, after a few days was optimistic after they already take off since January has b. View the full comment comment: I got my fair share of people's problems, I myself hot Nutra London order-do not have a free version of them for £ 3. 95 a few days later, the credit balance on my account reported deny yourself my Bank and management, are deleted, email have a full refund after a few days it was optimistic, after this they already take off since January is a slow process, all on the path seems to come at the time when I find that I am doing well, the holidays are here and not able to go, etc, had lost a stone front with RK and weighing, I missed one day (Saturday) 3 kg after 2 days of use, I was shocked how the ankle and not able to go, I dont eat healthy gym for a week, but as I felt low mangiarmi more chocolate, as I would have the first two days were ok purges water found a little Spacey kept many other comments read feltrocome I get sickbut when I took them with food and lots of water, I feel good because it is not normal can't wait for my next weigh comments a few days lefthide-1 person complete this review has been helpful. This review has been helpful? Yes | NoReport this post. .