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Today I ’ in the mood some fish, lightly, satiating, tasty, healthy and rich in nutrients for brain power. I think that ’ m need some extra fish this week, because it seems to me that they have given up, what episodes almost every day, some fish are, my brain a little wake up to get. It has ’ probably caused by the fact that really want t to ’, that good thing now is my child to school for the first time in a couple of weeks and raspberry ketone gnc I am ’ only heartbroken, but the time has come for me loose arms and begins, experience the world of MOM. This should actually be stronger than me, so my little friend! The House is so quiet, I'm sure that for the first little while I look at the clock to see whether it's time to get back to him. Because at this moment we have a little more time to have fun, and you can ’ fun without energy and straight forward, leads me to the recipe of the day, iron hake herbs and garlic. This fish dish is so quick and easy to make, you ’ I have enough time to go and enjoy the evening after dinner and its sophisticated won enough light t make feel ’ the type of filler, making that is tired and without energy. Different types of fish is full of energy, stimulate the nutrients and vitamins that your body and your brain with great benefits. Haddock is a choice of big fish, especially for those, the not a fan of very fat cats and n ’ t even enjoy this taste of the fish. His thin nose is a good selection of fish, also for children. The fish fresh grass summer and garlic, as well as the sensual flow trigger drizzle in a good quality oil is a great combination of flavors, Don ’ t fish feeding. Serve this dish with a green salad or tomato salad, the advantages of cool summer to supplement. There is a healthy food, fancy food and serve. Haddock, season with salt and pepper, fillet of hake with 1 tablespoon olive oil and stand for a few minutes. Heat a large skillet with v. tablespoons chopped, olive oil and garlic number (s) and once heated fine grid frying pan over medium heat, stir for 30 seconds to a minute, stir. Add the fish Cook on one side for 4-5 minutes, squeeze the lemon juice and sprinkle evenly with herbs, the fish which must fund have return a slightly golden color, cook 3-4 minutes the fish flakes easily, wrote on the plates, add the salad or vegetables with rice steamed and serve immediately. Welcome to healthy attitude, I am Alexandra, there is damage in the kitchen and living with a strong inclination to live happy and health with good food, family and friends and laughed until my pages damaging my face cheeks are cramps. ! This page is a possibility, my passions, personal experiences, know and share everything. I am happy to be here, to visit my site and take the time to find, this is something that's often in your life, a picture of A. hope of my website .